New 42nd Street Pete Blu-Ray plus Newly Restocked Inventory!

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We’re happy to announce a brand-new BLU-RAY addition to the 42nd Street Pete line, find it in the What’s New Section along with newly restocked inventory on many of our best-selling horror DVDs! 

DRY BONES - Co-Directed by Gregory Lamberson

From the director of cult classics Slime City and Slime City Massacre comes a spine-tingling, gut-wrenching new tale of terror that calls "Ingeniously constructed ... clever and original ... a lot of fun" – Dry Bones.

DRAINIAC - Directed by Brett Piper

For this Special Edition DVD release, Piper’s 2000 horror outing Drainiac has been newly telecined from its original negatives and pre-mastered in hi-definition, image and sound re-edited, fx-enhanced, and presented in 1.78:1 widescreen - offering fans a never-before-seen cut and the definitive version of the film.

KILLER RACK - Directed by Gregory Lamberson

From the director of Slime City comes a screwball horror comedy about a set of monstrous mammaries: Killer Rack!

In a world that prizes breast size over accomplishments, Betty Downer just can’t get a break.  Scorned by her co-workers, ridiculed by her boyfriend and overlooked by her boss, Betty impulsively books breast enhancement surgery with the Elder Gods-worshipping Dr. Kate Thulu...and then all hell breaks loose!

42nd Street Pete presents: 8mm MADNESS
Volume 2 Number 1: Rough & Raunchy Collection (Blu-Ray) For Fans Over 18 Years Old

8mm loops were the ultimate underground. They were sold under the counter in raunchy bookstores or by shady peddlers and selling or possessing them was a crime back in the day. The loops usually came in white boxes: b&w was one price, color was a higher price. A film like this could cost $20 to $100 per loop...and that’s ‘60s and ‘70s money!

42nd Street Pete has hand-picked 17 loops out of the 42P archives. This first installment of my new 8mm series is called the ROUGH and RAUNCHY COLLECTION. Some of the subjects f-inn’ out there!

8mm Madness Vol.2 No.1 Also available on DVD

Girl Nappers Grindhouse Triple Feature Presented by 42nd Street Pete (DVD)

Last viewed during their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the mid-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time to home entertainment. For fans over 18 years old.

HARD TIMES (1974) Sharon Thorpe stars in this rarely seen film about a San Francisco employment agency for hookers.

NORM’S DILEMMA (1972) In this previously lost film, Norm is an obese man who consults a psychiatrist in order to work out his personality quirks so that he can date women. Stars Becky Sharpe and Sandy Carey.

GIRL NAPPERS (a.k.a. The Fugitives - 1973)  In this previously lost film, two women (Cyndee Summers, Dalana Bissonette) are assaulted and raped by a small group of fugitives headed up by a muscle-bound surfer dude (Rick Cassidy) and his side-kicks (Marsha Hart, Jon Roy Jones). 

Check out ALL of our newly listed titles in our WHAT'S NEW section!

We've unlocked the vaults and have released the last batches of the Camp Motion Picture Limited Edition VHS. Grab them while they're still available!

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