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Greetings Alternative Cinema Fans!

It’s cold outside, but we’ve unearthed an assortment of Shock-O-Rama Cinema, Seduction Cinema and Secret Key titles that are sure to warm you up this February!  With talent like Misty Mundae, Julian Wells and Darian Caine – as well as ‘70s cuties like Rene Bond – we’re sure you’ll love these *new* “unearthed from the vaults and back in stock at AC” selections – and even better…

…. we’re offering $5.00 off the already reduced price when you enter the code: five (at check-out) when ordering. Offer applies to everything in our WHAT’s NEW section. Expires February 28, 2021.  - Alternative Cinema Team


Directed by Stop-Motion Special FX Wizard Brett Piper, SCREAMING DEAD is a sexy, scary homage to classic horror films and the breakout mainstream hit for Seduction Cinema star Misty Mundae.

An abandoned hospital is the setting for an “Experiment in Terror!” by renowned sleaze photographer Roger Neale, his assistant and several beautiful and desperate young models. But things get truly terrifying when it turns out the hospital is haunted by notorious serial murderer! Now the crew and girls must fight off a vicious sadist in the present…and one from the past!

SEXY SPY SPOOF: CLOAK AND SHAG HER! - $14.99 / Now $9.99 (With code)

Julian Wells, Darian Caine and A J Kan star in this ultra-sexy, delightful action-packed spy-spoof about stunning secret agents who time-travel to defeat the villainous Dr. Mean! It’s mod, it’s sexy, it has Kung Fu and lesbians – what more could you want?

HOW TO WRITE EROTICA: THE NAUGHTY NOVELIST - $14.99 / Now $9.99 (with code)

Her lesbian fantasies are so hot they set her manuscripts ON FIRE! Darian Caine stars as a horny journalist turned successful erotic author when she signs on a Flesh for Fantasy Publications, owned by the gorgeous and equally randy A J Khan.


They’re sexy, deadly and insatiable – they’re Lesbian Vampires and they’re coming for YOU. Get seduced by the sexy, deadly and insatiable lesbian vampires in this three-film collection that includes Hot Vampire Nights, G-String Vampire and Muffy the Vampire Slayer. 

PIN-UPS AND CENTERFOLDS: CLASSIC NUDES USA - $19.99 / Now $14.99 (with code)

50 Loops on 2 DVDs! This astonishing assortment of 16mm BW nudie loops from the post WWII era proves that while fashions have changed, America’s love for beautiful naked women remains constant.

GERMAN SEX COMEDY CLASSICS: 2069 & RUN, VIRGIN, RUN! - $14.99 / Now $9.99 (with code)

Two of the best loved German Sex Comedies from the 1970s in one package! In 2069, five sexy astronauts from the all-female planet Venus invade a town in the Alps to harvest male seed, only to find Earth men are all too eager to help! In Run, Virgin, Run, legend has it a brisk wind is responsible for the town’s high birth rate – or could it be the super-horny wives are getting it one with EVERYONE?

SWINGING IN THE '70s GRINDHOUSE TRIPLE FEATURE - $14.99 / Now $9.99 (with code)

Three wife-swappin’, key partyin’, free-love having feature films from the era of sexual liberation! See clothes and inhibitions drop as typical neighborhood couples get sexy with friends, the milkman and complete strangers In Your Wife or Mine?, Harvey Swings and Keep ‘Em Happy.

GRINDHOUSE GIRLS OF THE 1970s - $19.99 / Now $14.999 (with code)

They’re young, they’re hot and they’re down to fornicate in this four film two-disc grindhouse collection! Watch sorority girls, tasty tourists, poolside beauties and casting-couch starlets show their stuff in Daisy Does Hollywood, Big Beaver Splits the Scene, Girls of Paris and Trapped in the House.


Celebrate the days of big hair and bigger boobs with this erotic four-film collection from the ‘70s and early ‘80s! Collection includes Honey, Loves of Lady Chatterley, Sorry Wrong Bedroom and Moonlighting Mistress.

RENE BOND IN GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS OF THE 1970s - $14.99 / Now $9.99  (with code)

It’s a saucy, sleazy, sinfully delicious 5-Film Sexploitation Extravaganza featuring Grindhouse Hottie Rene Bond! Includes the outrageous classic The Sexpert, in which Rene Bond, Lillie Foster and Sandi Carey star as sexy strippers, farmer’s daughters, housewives and virgins who initiate mega-nerd Finster into the arts of love. There’s also an orgy.

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