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Greetings from Alternative Cinema!

If you’ve already tired of your streaming options and are looking for the type of content not typically featured on mainstream sites, then you may be happy to know we’ve added some reissues of

Camp Motion Pictures, Retro Seduction Cinema and After Hours Cinema DVDs to our online store!

And while we’re at it, we’re offering $5.00 off every item in the WHAT’S NEW section with a special code at check-out so you can spend as little as possible while adding to your DVD & Blu-ray collections.  And what better time to invest in physical media than now?  You avoid buffering issues, you can watch your movies whenever you like without a subscription – and you don’t even need an internet connection! It’s the perfect solution for those sleepless nights when Cable Company “X” is servicing the area and you can’t get online.

So, check out our *new* re-releases below, and stay safe and healthy while following CDC guidelines and local government orders.  In our case, our office staff is working remotely and our shipping department is following best practices so as not to jeopardize their health while continuing to ship your orders.

Best Health and Good Wishes,
Team Alternative Cinema


 WHAT’S NEW – Our New Discount Code, That’s What!

You will save $5.00 off every item in our WHAT’S NEW section when you use the code: new (at checkout). Buy as many items in our What’s New section as you like and save $5. On each item. Code expires April 30, 2020.

BUT WHICH PRODUCTS ARE NEW? All the movies in the What’s New section, including these below!


Slime City Grindhouse Collection (4 Films on 2 DVDs)

Slime City – the Splatter Classic and Midnight Movie Cult Phenomenon – is back! Watch all three shocking films by NYC cult director Greg Lamberson plus his outrageous new rock-n-roll zombie icon “mini-movie” Johnny Gruesome (starring Misty Mundae) in Shock-O-Rama Cinema’s ultimate SLIME CITY GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION!

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)


Skin Crawl (DVD)

Directed by AC’s Justin Wingenfeld, Skin Crawl is a dark, sexy and suspenseful tale of a clan of witches who swear bloody vengeance on anyone who harms their descendants. When a cheating husband and his mistress plan to rob and kill one of their clan, they have no idea their lives will become hell on earth as the curse of the witches rises up from the grave! Starring Debbie Rochon, Julian Wells and Misty Mundae.

$14.99 - only $9.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Sinful (DVD)

Misty Mundae and Erika Smith star in this creepy and disturbing tale of a woman who longs for a baby…and will do anything to get one!  When her beautiful neighbor becomes pregnant, Lilith (Mundae) is eaten up with jealously, setting off a series of events that culminate in a shocking, bloody conclusion.  A ripped from the headlines story directed by Tony Marsiglia (Lust for Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde)

$14.99 (only $9.99 when you use the code: new at checkout)


Satan's Party Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)
You’ll sell your soul for these three degenerate treasures from the basement of the famous Canadian Venus Theatre! Collection includes: Madame Satan (1971), Sex and the Single Vampire (1970), The Devil’s Handmaiden (1970)

$14.99 - only $9.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Sleazy 1970s Stags (DVD)

Available for the first time to home entertainment, this astounding authentic 8mm Home Projector Loop Collection from the Sleazy ‘70s! Features Big-Busted-Beauties Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Grindhouse Hottie Rene Bond! 24 Loops Plus Over 30 Minutes of Vintage exploitation Trailers on DVD

$14.99 - only $9.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

American Nudie Classics (DVD)

A three-hour plus collection of “nudie-cuties”, soft-erotic, lesbian, straight, burlesque and vaudeville shorts, loops and stag reels from the 1930s through the 1960s! That’s 41 racy films of sexy retro women in one amazing package.

$19.99 (only $14.99 when you use the code: new at checkout)



Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature (2-DVDs)

Prostitutes, psycho-jealous stalker girlfriends, and robbers on the run are just some of what you get in this  unique three-film collection of raw and raunchy grindhouse films from the 1970s! Includes The Blue Balloon (1973), Play Only with Me (1976) and Virgin Hostage (1972).

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 2 (DVD)

Three filthy storefront features – a horny king’s ransom of violated vixens, degenerate deviates, hard-up hostages, and savage assault! You won’t want to be rescued! Includes: Rape Victims (1975), High School Reunion (1973) and A Rod for Revenge (1972). Starring Ursula Austin, Rodger Cain, Vanessa Del Rio, Angel Spirit (a.k.a. Arlana Blue) Rick Cassidy, Ric Lutz

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 3 (DVD)

Sadistic sex cults, kidnapping and slavery and good ‘ole San Francisco prostitution rings are just part of what you’ll get in Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 3! Includes: A Taste of Betty (1978), Ensenada Hole (1971) and The Tender Trap (1978).

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 1 (2-DVDs)

The one that started it all – a three film collection of stylish ‘60s soft-core starring Uschi Digard and John Holmes in early roles! In Uta (1968) you’ll get an early BW Nick Philips’ feature starring Uschi Digard as a woman who knows she’s beautiful, and likes nothing more than to share her body with any man or woman who agrees. In The Pimp Primer (1969), John Holmes and Uschi Digard star as a low-end hustler who pimps his girlfriend to start his own prostitution ring. And in Lusty Neighbors (1969), when a sexy blonde swinger convinces her shy neighbor to attend her swappin’ parties, it leads to a mental breakdown and a visit from the local police!

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 2 (2-DVDs)

Secretaries who turn tricks if the price is right, sexy flight attendants, exotic dancers and horny widows of Vietnam Vets are all DTF in this three-film snapshot of the filthy ‘70s! Includes: Satisfaction Guaranteed (1976), In-Flight Service (1975) and Fires Down Below (1970).

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 3 (2-DVDs)

Ever wanted to act in an adult film? Brad learns how in How to Make a Dirty Movie (1968) when he stumbles onto a sexy movie set when borrowing a cup of sugar from his neighbor! In The Alleycat (1970) a struggling screenwriter helps his streetwalker girlfriend get a job on a dirty movie set to pay the rent. While Star (1970) takes a look at an aging actress now teaching male studs at her  home “drama school.”

All that and a bonus lost John Holmes ‘swinger’ classic Go Down for Double in this three (four?) feature collection from After Hours Cinema.

$19.99 - only $14.99 when you use the code: new (at checkout)

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