Alternative Cinema Magazine - Issue 10

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Alternative Cinema Magazine
Issue 10 – Fall 1996

The magazine by and for ultra low budget filmmakers!
Original, first printing on glorious BW newsprint paper with color glossy covers.

Issue Number 10 contents:

  • Editor J.R. Bookwalter Calls It Quits
  • Even More Hate Mail
  • B Movie News: “Santa Claws” and More
  • Web Watch: What Web Sites to Look For
  • World of Andy Sadaris
  • Profile: Actor Chuck Williams
  • Making of “Crinoline Head”
  • Review: “Blood Bullets Buffoons
  • Scooter McCrae Interview
  • Sneak Peek: “Psycho Sisters”
  • He Making of “Contact Blow”
  • William Hellfire’s Guide to Independent Music
  • Lots more