Alternative Cinema Magazine - Issue 19 (Autographed by Misty Mundae)

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Alternative Cinema Magazine
Issue 19 – Winter 2002

Autographed by Misty Mundae

The magazine by and for ultra low budget filmmakers!
Original, first printing now printed on swanky full-color glassy paper!

Issue Number 19 contents:

  • William Smith is DRACULA in Don Glut’s new Epic!
  • Misty Mundae Mummy Raider!
  • Julie Strain in Fred Watkin’s Lethal Seduction
  • 19 Questions for Julie Strain
  • Sam Sherman’s Independent International by Tim O’Rawe
  • Making of Erotic Witch 2
  • Cutting Edge Films of Michael W. Johnson
  • Inside DUCK: The Carbine Massacre
  • B-Movie Reviews and lots more