Alternative Cinema Magazine - Issue 3

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Alternative Cinema Magazine
Issue 3 – Fall 1994

The magazine by and for ultra low budget filmmakers!

Original, first printing on glorious BW newsprint paper with a color glossy cover.

Issue Number 3 contents:

  • Blockbuster and the Fall of Indie Video Stores
  • Pissing and Moaning: Todd Sheets and Peter Jackson
  • B’s Nest News
  • Michael Burnett Profile
  • Coffin Joe Interview
  • Eye on Independents: Eric Stanze’s “Scare Game” and “Savage Harvest”
  • AC goes to VSDA 1994
  • Retrospect: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Center stage Review: Stephen King’s “The Stand”
  • Low-Budget Production Hell: Tom Vollmann’s “Dead Meat”
  • B-Movie Marketing
  • SOV Movies: Why Camcorders Should Be Illegal
  • Todd Cook / David “The Rock” Nelson Reviews
  • Point/Counter-Point: Fan Conventions
  • Reviews and lots more