Alternative Cinema Magazine - Issue 2

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Alternative Cinema Magazine
Issue 2 – Summer 1994

The magazine by and for ultra low budget filmmakers!
Original, first printing on glorious BW newsprint paper with a color glossy cover.

Sophomore Issue contents:

  • Kurt Cobain suicide – Dreams of Generation X
  • David DeCoteau teams up with Charles Band
  • Scooter McCrae’s Shatter Dead
  • Shot-On-Video Showcase
  • Censorship and Homemade Gore
  • 1994 Top Things We Think Suck!
  • Eye on Independents: “Shreck” and “Red Eyes”
  • “Ticks” Star Ami Dolenz
  • Low Budget Production Hell: Leif Jonker’s Darkness
  • Laser’s Edge
  • Up For Adoption – Movies looking for Distribution
  • Taking Sides: “Camcorder Movies”
  • Reviews and lots more