Drainiac (DVD)

Drainiac (DVD)

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DRANIAC (2000)
Starring Georgia Hatzis   Alexandra Boylan   Ethan Krasnoo

Written and Directed by Brett Piper

Cult horror director and special fx master Brett Piper has built an impressive filmography featuring some of the most outrageous ‘B’ monster movies produced over the last 20 years including Screaming Dead, Psyclops, Arachnia, Bite Me, Shock-O-Rama and Bacterium. For this Special Edition DVD release, Piper’s 2000 horror outing Drainiac has been newly telecined from its original negatives and pre-mastered in hi-definition, image and sound re-edited, fx-enhanced, and presented in 1.78:1 widescreen - offering fans a never-before-seen cut and the definitive version of the film.

 Julie Ashbrook and a group of friends have taken up residence in the house while they clean it up for a planned restoration.  Strange and inexplicable occurrences involving water is just the beginning as gruesome death-by-plumbing takes its toll on the terrified inhabitants.  Drip by steady drip the fleshless entity begins to take shape, and Julie and her friends soon come face to face with the bloodthirsty monster in all its aqueous evil - an ancient water demon that wants to tear them apart and flush them down the toilet.

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