Erotic Witch Project (DVD)

Erotic Witch Project (DVD)

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Erotic Witch Project (DVD)
stars: Darian Caine, Victoria Vega, Laurie Wallace
Year of production: 1999
Original DVD Release Date: February 10, 2000

November 1999. Three college girls entered the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, in search of the legendary Erotic Witch. With cameras in hand documenting their every footstep and discovery, Katie, Darian and Victoria were unafraid of the Witch’s ultra-sexy supernatural powers and sensual spells. After all, the girls had left their boyfriends behind. What erotic “harm” could possibly befall them?

Two weeks later their footage was found. It presented authorities with the most unbelievable encounters ever witnessed.  Three normal, All-American girls suddenly turned into uninhibited vixens.

DVD includes:

  • EROTIC WITCH feature
  • INSIDE The Erotic Witch:
  • 60 min. behind-the-scenes-documentary
  • Girls of Seduction Cinema Photo Gallery
  • Seduction Cinema Trailers

This item is an on-demand DVD professionally produced by Seduction Cinema Studios.