Carter Stevens Collection - Hot, Wet & Wild (2-DVD)

Carter Stevens Collection - Hot, Wet & Wild (2-DVD)

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Carter Stevens Collection - The Avon Films (2-DVD)
Directed By Carter Stevens
Starring: Andrea Sutton, Nina Preta, Dave Ruby, Tasha Voux, Ashley Wells
DVD Release Date: January 21, 2014

Includes booklet with an essay by director Carter Stevens

In the early ‘80s there was the beginning of a sea-change for the exotic movie business. The invention of the low cost video recorder, the single tube industrial camera, and the introduction of the home video recorder/player changed the way people watched mature movies -  namely, in the privacy of their own bedrooms. This technical shift also allowed producers to make films at a cost so low that they were willing to take far more creative chances. As a result, Carter Stevens set off to produce a surreal film for the early VHS market filled with strange characters, situations and plots while still keeping the sensual content that was the bread and butter of the market.  That film was Hot, Wet and Wild, which was quickly followed by Hot, Wet and Wilder. This DVD contains some mature content. You must be 18 years or older to order this product.

Hot, Wet, and Wild (1986)
The idea is a simple one: the film opens with a girl in bed. Her fantasy mind takes over and she imagines all sorts of bizarre scenes. Who better to start off her wicked fantasies than a encounter with the devil himself and the likes of Santa Claus!

Hot, Wet, and Wilder (1986)
While in her bathtub, our heroine fades into daydreams, which include a “Mr. Clean” knockoff who proceeds to make love to an entire kitchen; “Lone Ranger and Tonto” giving our heroine a wild ride; gold-tinted aliens who show her how sexy dialing an intergalactic phone call can be; and a pair of cops having a three-way with their prisoner while our heroine looks on only to switch to a burglar being caught in the act!