The Avon Theatre - Taming of Rebecca Collection (DVD)

The Avon Theatre - Taming of Rebecca Collection (DVD)

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The Avon Films - Taming of Rebecca Collection - Directed by Phil Prince
DVD Release Date: June 18, 2013 

Angel is Distress (1982) Private detective Milton Brag (Ron Jeremy) is hired by a wealthy housewife named Susan James (Marlene Willoughby) to find her kidnapped daughter Angel. Brag follows the lead of a dropped business card to the S/M establishment of Mistress Candy, who runs a white slavery ring and is holding Angel captive in a backroom.

Taming of Rebecca (1982) The Taming of Rebecca certainly lives up to its hype as one of the notorious films of the grindhouse era. Rebecca goes to a school for wayward girls to escape her abusive father only to find out her troubles are just starting.  stars George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, Stella Stevens, Velvet Summers, Ambrosia Fox.

Daughters of Discipline (1983) After coming across their parents' stash of bondage magazines, two teen girls decide to give it a try. Complications arise when Mom and Dad unexpectedly come home.

Who was Phil Prince? Read The Rialto Report.

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