All The Sins of Sodom (DVD)

All The Sins of Sodom (DVD)

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All The Sins of Sodom (1968) 
Retro-Seduction Cinema
Original DVD Release - August 11, 2009 - Out-Of-Print - Limited Copies
Stars Marianne Prevost, Peggy Steffans 
Written and Directed by Joe Sarno

Shocking, sensual and dramatic, this 1968 theatrical sensation is one of Joe Sarno’s most compelling films - an erotic tale of lust and obsession about an ambitious photographer, his love, and the sensual and manipulative woman who comes between them.

Henning is a fashion photographer driven by visions of artistic glory. He is encouraged by a literary agent to produce a volume of erotic nudes and works to create the perfect layout with his favorite model, Leslie. All seems to be going well until the mysterious Joyce appears. Dark and sensual, Joyce plays games with the photographer’s ego driving a wedge between Henning and Leslie and seducing one of his other models. Blinded by his own ambitions, Henning is unable to see the ruinous web that Joyce is weaving…

Unavailable since the time of its original release, this 40th anniversary edition contains

  • The uncut and re-mastered feature film ALL THE SINS OF SODOM.
  • Audio commentary with actress and associate producer Peggy Steffans
  • Interview with writer-director Joseph Sarno
  • Liner notesbooklet
  • Mini-Doc: 2008 screening at the noted Alamo Draft House Theater in Austin, TX