Inga Collection (3-DVD)

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Three acclaimed tales of sexual awakening and forbidden passion by exploitation auteur Joseph Sarno, now available in a new collector’s edition release from Retro Seduction Cinema:

 Inga (1967) – Marie Liljedahl is Inga, a beautiful and naïve young woman who becomes a pawn in a game of sexual manipulation and deceit after her move into her aunt’s home.  Desperate to escape, she must choose between the arms of a sophisticated much-older man and those of her aunt’s younger lover.

Seduction of Inga (1969) - Alone and penniless, Inga (Marie Liljedahl) becomes the personal secretary and lover of a dashing older man.  But when business takes him away, temptation proves too difficult to resist, and soon Inga must choose between her lover, his mistress and a handsome young musician.

The Indelicate Balance (1969) – A prolonged stay at his attractive and overbearing mother’s home prompts Harald and his wife Karin to question their relationship, ultimately driving Karin into the arms of another woman. 

Shot entirely in Sweden, Inga became an immediate success upon its theatrical release in the United States.  Director Joseph Sarno is one of the few exploitation auteurs to receive critical attention. In recent years his work has been the subject of retrospectives at the New York Underground Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival in Turin, Italy, the Cinémathèque française in Paris and others.


Disc 1

- Inga Swedish Version (English Subtitles) + English Version
- Inga Trailers: 2 Versions! Plus Trailer for the Inga sequel The Seduction of Inga
- Ultra-Rare Outtakes
- Commentary by Director Joseph Sarno, Asst. Director Peggy Steffans-Sarno, Producer Sam Sherman and Film Historian Bruce G. Hallenbeck
- Exclusive Audio Interview with Star Marie Liljedahl

Disc 2

- Documentary: “Innocence Lost: The Story of Inga”
- Documentary: Vernon P. Becker's "Memories Of Inga”
- Pop Video: “Inga's Theme” by Benny and Bjorn
- Sneak Preview: Joe Sarno's Suburban Secrets (2005)

Disc 3

- The Seduction Of Inga
- Feature Film: The Indelicate Balance (1969) with commentary by Peggy Steffans-Sarno and Gary Huggins
- Joe Sarno Trailer Vault
- 12 Page Booklet Featuring Historical Liner Notes