Moonlighting Wives (DVD)

Moonlighting Wives (DVD)

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Moonlighting Wives (1966) DVD
Written and Directed by Joe Sarno

1960s suburbia becomes a hotbed of rampant adultery and illicit sexual encounters in legendary exploitation director Joseph Sarno’s early erotic classic, Moonlighting Wives.

Joan Rand (Tammy Latour) is a shrewd, sexy, disgruntled housewife and mother who yearns for the better things in life.  Unbeknownst to her husband, and with the help of a friend, Joan turns her office stenography service into a thriving yet well-concealed prostitution ring that has local law enforcement (including character actor Joe Santos in an early role) baffled.  Needing more and more willing young housewives to grow her business with wealthy clientele and to satisfy the town’s increasing demand for naughty female fun, Joan gives adulterous and well-connected golf pro Frank a piece of the action.  Joan’s appetite for the good life soon leads her on a sensual and glamorous odyssey of blackmail, wife-swapping and orgiastic nightlife as she and her stable of gals mingle and swing with the country club set.  As the money continues to roll in, Joan’s dereliction of her domestic responsibilities leads her disgusted husband straight into the arms of a nubile, 18-year-old babysitter…and brings her one step closer to the police.

DVD Contents:

  • INTERVIEW with Director Joe Sarno
  • Full Color booklet with LINER NOTES