Touch Of Genie Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD)

Touch Of Genie Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD)

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Touch Of Genie Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD)
Written and Directed by Joe Sarno

From Joseph W. Sarno, one of the most acclaimed and legendary directors of erotic cinema, comes this classic story of a Genie along with amazing extras and two additional Genie movies!


A TOUCH OF GENIE feature film - uncut edition (1974) - Poor Melvin!  His meddling mother is making him nutz.  His only relief is the covert afternoons he spends at New York’s notorious Times Square adult theaters.  One day, Melvin discovers a genie in a bottle.  What does he wish?  To become his favorite adult superstars and indulge in wild sexual adventures with the sexiest women in sex films.  Starring Doug Stone as Melvin Finkelfarb and Ultramax – the First Lady of New York Grindhouse! – as his yiddishe mama.  Also featuring o. t. t. performances by greats Harry Reems, Tina Russell, and Eric Edwards.  After Hours Cinema presents A Touch of Genie restored from a newly found film element. First time ever on home video!

PLUS: Interview with director Joe Sarno and star Doug Stone (2007)

PLUS: Mini-doc from the 4/5/2007 New York City screening

PLUS: Joe Sarno Trailer Vault


SWING GENIE feature film (1973) Keith Erickson toplines as Marsh, a "swinging" guy who talks in a very '60s hip manner. He gets to make wishes courtesy of a nondescript genie and of course he wishes for pretty girls to appear and have sex with him.

JEANIE’S MAGIC BOX feature film (1972) features Suzanne Fields and Becky Sharpe. A professor conjurs a genie. Though granted presumably infinite power over reality through his wishes, the professor nevertheless wants the only thing Genie can't give him – some time alone with her. To compensate, she summons a host of beautiful women from the past and future.

PLUS: After Hours Cinema trailer vault