42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness Vol. 2 No. 1 (Blu-Ray)

42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness Vol. 2 No. 1 (Blu-Ray)

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42nd Street Pete presents: 8mm MADNESS
Volume 2 Number 1: Rough & Raunchy Collection (Blu-Ray)

42nd Street Pete comes to Blu-Ray disc!

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8mm loops were the ultimate underground. They were sold under the counter in raunchy bookstores or by shady peddlers and selling or possessing them was a crime back in the day. The loops usually came in white boxes: b&w was one price, color was a higher price. A film like this could cost $20 to $100 per loop...and that’s ‘60s and ‘70s money!

Later the loops would be labeled with names like "Pretty Girls," "Golden Girls," etc. Most of these loops had no titles as after repeated playing the film would get worn and simply break off: they would just start with hardcore sex or get down to it after a minute or so of plot. Common plots were doctor/patient, boss/secretary, hitchhikers being picked up, etc., with darker plots showcasing hardcore S&M, bondage, rape and other twisted shit.

I have hand-picked 17 loops out of the 42P archives. This first installment of my new 8mm series is called the ROUGH and RAUNCHY COLLECTION. Some of the subjects fuckin’ out there!
- 42nd St Pete

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