Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island (Limited Edition VHS)

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Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island (Limited Edition VHS)
Directed By Gary Whitson
Stars Tina Krause, Pamela Sutch, Laura Giglio

Camp Motion Pictures - 2021 VHS Limited Edition

Limited - One per customer please.

Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island (1995)
“It’s the year 2008, and an asteroid collides with the earth, destroying 90% of the world’s population. The remaining humans swiftly revert into savages, led by a once brilliant but now mad doctor who experiments with brain transplants, cloning and cannibalism!”
It’s a post-apocalyptic uprising as mercenaries battle an Evil Doctor using brain transplants, cloning and cannibalism to rule the world!

VHS Contents:

  • Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island Feature Film
  • Sneak Previews and Trailers