Upsidedown Cross (DVD)

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Exploited, Abused, Addicted and Sick - Nadine Survived the Streets, but Can She Survive an Exorcism?

Directed By: William Hellfire

starring: Erin Russ, David Yow, Collen Cohan, Tina Krause, Rick Savage
Original Release Date: February 23, 2016

Nadine (Erin Russ), a drug addicted prostitute in the throes of withdrawal, returns to her childhood home and the mother she ran away from. Nadine’s mother, Delilah, is a delusional religious fanatic that believes demons have possessed her daughter. In search of a “cure” for her daughter’s erratic behavior, she finds a rogue preacher (David Yow of The Jesus Lizard) willing to exorcise the demons.  But neither mother nor daughter recognize the true devil until it is too late!

This collector's edition of Upsidedown Cross – limited to 1,000 copies – includes a 2-sided cover featuring original photography by Jackie Cerniglia, an illustrated Chick Tract comic by notorious underground comic artist Mike Diana, and image galleries featuring photos and original illustrations inspired by UpsideDown Cross.