WAVE Movies - Sleepover Massacre: The Curse (DVD)

WAVE Movies - Sleepover Massacre: The Curse (DVD)

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Sleepover Massacre: The Curse (2016)
Starring Michele Mizeski, Heather Drew, Natalia Jablokov, Ricardo E. Segarra, Elizabeth Ivins, Janet Searfoss, Tiffany Lee Tuck, Gary Whitson, Krystal Wallbawm, and Melissa Marino as Jasmine. Special Appearances by Victoria Stevens, Luke, Marlowe, Debbie D, and Tina Krause.


Sleepover Massacre The Curse is an updated version of the movie classic from the 80s. It’s an erotic and violent tale of a demon vampiress out for revenge! Six beautiful ex-college roommates come together for a weekend reunion only to be confronted with their own worst nightmare! One of them is cursed and that will mean death for all the others! One by one they die while the vampiress becomes more beautiful after each brutal attack until only one victim remains!

Who will be the ultimate survivor? Sleepover Massacre The Curse is a must-have movie for anyone who loves vampire movies and loved the original classic from the 1980s!

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