42nd Street Pete's Night of Perverted Pleasures (2-DVD)

42nd Street Pete's Night of Perverted Pleasures (2-DVD)

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42nd Street Pete's Night of Perverted Pleasures (2-DVD)
stars Uschi Digard, Nina Fause

This collection contains three 1970s storefront classics just like the ones you used to see on 42nd Street. Inside one of these “shoebox” theaters, a plywood wall was built in the back of the room to hide the projector, and a sheet was hung up or a wall was painted white to serve as the screen. Fifty to a hundred folding chairs were then placed in rows to accommodate the horny hordes. I can’t recreate the smell of b. o. and disinfectant, but the scratches and splices on these prints are real - they weren’t generated by computer. I encourage you to create your own storefront-style theater in your basement or garage. Invite all of your friends, and let’s get this grindhouse party going!

Marriage American Style (1970) begins with a washed-out blonde bitching to Uschi Digard about her husband’s piggish behavior. “He’s so rough,” she moans. Uschi insists that “men just don’t know how to treat a woman,” and then, of course, she makes her move! 

Love Me or Leave Me (1970) opens with a couple thrashing around on a bed. A long-haired brunette (Mindy Brandt) is complaining to her lawyer about how disinterested her hubby is when it comes to sex. “At first it was fine, he really turned me on,” she says. In flashback, we see hubby doing the nasty, but when it’s time to “seal the deal,” the guy runs out of gas. Her tale of frustration told, the lawyer suggests she try taking her husband to a doctor. Good call, Perry Mason!  

In Bull’s Market, (1970) Tom and Ben have a company that’s not doing very well. Their blonde associate, Sheila, however, has a brilliant idea: instead of paying the shareholders cash dividends, why not pay them with sex!?! Sheila then agrees to get some of her friends involved!

DVD Contents:

  • 42nd Street Pete Grindhouse History 
  • Marriage American Style feature
  • Love Me or Leave Me feature
  • Bull’s Market  feature
  • Night of Perverted Pleasures theatrical screening mini-documentary
  • 42nd Street Pete Trailer Vault