Roxanna Double Feature (DVD)

Roxanna Double Feature (DVD)

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Retro-Seduction Cinema presents

DVD contains:
Roxanna (1970) with Uschi Digart Directed by Nick Philips
Seeing its first-ever release on home video is the 1970 film Roxanna directed by exploitation auteur Nick Philips and starring legendary Swedish sex-siren Uschi Digard.  This Uncut Theatrical Version is partnered with the ultra-sexy Retro Seduction Cinema Remake starring Misty Mundae (Play-Mate of the Apes), Darian Caine (Mistress Frankenstein) and Katie Jordon (Erotic Witch Project 2).

Roxanna (2002) with Misty Mundae
Roxanna (Misty Mundae) knows who she wants, what she craves, and how to get it, and nothing or no one is going to stop her. Roxanna’s obsession with exquisite and limitless pleasures of the flesh begins to take over her life, and soon lesbian desires surge beyond her control.  With the final realization that she has taken things too far - farther than her mind and body can handle - Roxanna must come to terms with her insatiable libido, or face the devastating consequences.

Includes 42nd Street Pete Intro