Bite Me (DVD)

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stars: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Erika Smith, Caitlin Ross, Sylvianne Chebance
Directed by Brett Piper
Original DVD Release Date: October 26, 2004

From acclaimed veteran horror director Brett Piper comes his newest and wildest creation yet – the mutant-bug-on-the-loose monster movie and special FX
spectacular BITE ME!


A crate of bio-engineered marijuana winds up at a strip-joint after a drug deal gone bad, bringing with it a renegade DEA agent and a swarm of monstrous critters. Just
what owner Ralph and dancers Crystal, Trix and Amber need as they struggle to save
their club from shutting down. An exterminator is called in to thwart the infestation, but quicker than you can say “roach motel,” these oversized insectoids prove they are made of tougher stuff. The club is under attack by a stealthy, skittering invasion of big, bad, bloodthirsty bugs, and there’s nowhere to run, no place to hide, and not a lap-dance in sight. And when the DEA heavy falls victim to a hungry horde, you can be sure he’ll be back…but he might not be quite human anymore.

SHOCK-O-RAMA CINEMA special edition DVD includes:

  • BITE ME! Feature Film
  • Documentary: “Making BITE ME!”
  • Documenrary: “How to Crash a Car in 2 Hours”
  • Documentary: “Festival of Fear” World Premiere Screening
  • “Making Movies” Interview with Misty Mundae
  • CKY “Shock & Terror” Music Video featuring Misty Mundae
  • CKY Mini-Documentary: Making “Shock & Terror” featuring Misty Mundae
  • Full Color Booklet w/ Liner Notes
  • Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault