White Slave / Caligula Reincarnated Retro-Shock Double Feature (DVD)

White Slave / Caligula Reincarnated Retro-Shock Double Feature (DVD)

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Retro-Shock-O-Rama Cinema presents

WHITE SLAVE (Schiave bianche: violenza in Amazzonia)
1986 - Italy - English Dubbed - color - 90 min.

While enjoying the exotic splendors of the Amazon River, beautiful Katherine Miles witnesses the gruesome decapitation of her parents by headhunters. Abducted by the bloodthirsty warriors and taken deep into the jungle, Katherine is subjected to torture, humiliation, attack by cannibals, as well as gut-churning primitive rituals and punishments. She quickly learns to abide by the tribe’s simple yet savage ways. White Slave (a.k.a. Violenza in Amazonia) is a graphic and disturbing Italian exploitation shocker from director Mario Gariazzo….with echoes of Cannibal Holocaust and Mountain of the Cannibal God.


1976 - Italy - English Dubbed - color - 92 min.

Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler (a.k.a. Last Orgy of the Third Reich) is a gruesome and notorious example of the “nazi death camp” movie that saw its hey-day with the many Italian films of the 1970s. Considered a classic of this sub-genre, director Cesare Canevari’s film is a relentless and shocking depiction of suffering in the face of unparalleled brutality.

SS Commandant Starker runs a women’s prison of war camp that serves as a stop-over for soldiers returning to the front. Along with his demented subordinates and a female Gestapo officer who feeds victims to her dogs, the monstrous Starker takes great pleasure in the atrocities he commits. As the helpless women struggle to survive the camp’s unspeakable horrors, one newcomer, Lise, becomes the object of Starker’s twisted experiments in humiliation, torture, and cannibalism. But Lise refuses to break , and she will do whatever it takes to survive…and exact her bloody revenge.