Womens in Prison Retro-Shock Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Womens in Prison Retro-Shock Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Retro-Shock-O-Rama Cinema presents
Original DVD Release Date  June 30, 2009 - Out-Of-Print DVD Set - While supplies last

Celebrate the joys of gratuitous shower scenes, cat-fights, and scantily clad sweaty women making out in jungles with this WIP exploitation triple-feature from Shock-O-Rama Cinema! Featuring the most depraved and shocking women-in-prison and women-in-peril films you’ve never seen:

Escape From Hell (1980) – Desperate female prisoners, routinely beaten and tortured in a remote jungle camp, appeal to the drunken prison doctor for help. He assists their escape, only to encounter greater danger as they flee jungle predators!
Stars international transvestite sex symbol Ajita Wilson, Gilberto Galimberti (Viva! Django)

Women In Cell Block 7 (1973) –Drug smuggling, car chases, cat fights and shower scenes! Mafia crime drama meets WIP in this suspenseful shocker. Stars Anita Strindberg (The Tempter), Elisa Mainardi (Malabimba)

The Hot Box (1972) –Four beautiful American nurses are swept up in a brutal tropical revolution. Victimized by both sides, they must use their wits and bodies to escape! Stars Carmen Argenziano (Angels and Demons), Margaret Markov (Black Momman, White Momma)

DVD Contents:


  • Women In Cell Block 7 Feature Film
  • Escape From Hell Feature Film


  • The Hot Box Feature Film
  • Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault

Plus! 2-DVD Set includes liner notes booklet!