Womens Prison Massacre Uncut / Caged Women (2-DVD)

Womens Prison Massacre Uncut / Caged Women (2-DVD)

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Shock-O-Rama Cinema presents
Original May 20, 2008 release - Out-Of-Print DVD Set - While supplies last

Laura Gemser (Black Emanuelle) stars in Womens Prison Massacre, presented uncut in both widescreen and standard aspect ratio versions and including the bonus feature Caged Women. This Collector’s Edition Package features original alternate poster art on the wrap.

Womens Prison Massacre (1985) - Falsely imprisoned by a corrupt politician, investigative reporter Emanuelle is tormented by a ruthless female warden, her sadistic guards, and the grotesque prison bully, Albina. When four bloodthirsty male death row inmates blast their way to a prison takeover, Emanuelle battles to stay alive amidst the bloodshed and depravity…including the most horrifying game of Russian Roulette ever seen!

Caged Women (1982)A human rights activist goes undercover in a prison to expose the corrupt officials who are mistreating the inmates. She discovers the abuse, torture and humiliation the prisoners are subjected to, which she also personally receives.

2-DVD Contents

  • Standard Definition 16x9 Anamorphic Version of Uncut Womens Prison Massacre Feature Film
  • Standard Definition 4x3 Aspect Ratio Uncut Womens Prison Massacre Feature Film
  • Collectible Full Color Booklet Featuring Liner Notes
  • Bonus DVD with Bonus Feature Film: Caged Women (Standard Definition 4x3 Aspect Ratio)