42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness 13: Extreme Sleaze III (2-DVD)

42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness 13: Extreme Sleaze III (2-DVD)

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42nd Street Pete's 8mm Madness 13: Extreme Sleaze III (2-DVD)

42nd Street Pete's "Lucky 13" and last in Series 1 of the 8mm Madness Series! This collection of loops is a fair and balanced sampling of what ran at the “Peepland” smut oasis day after day after day. These may be too extreme for the average viewer, but they are a time capsule of sorts of the late 70s where virtually anything went, and we mean anything! That section of “The Deuce” was THE most dangerous place in NYC after dark. The big neon sign lit up the front of the scumatorium so that you could spot the pan handlers, junkies, hustlers, hookers and other lowlifes that frequented the area.

136 West 42nd Street was the site of Hubert’s Museum & Flea Circus, which featured a freak show in the basement. The freak show consisted of midgets, hermaphrodites, geeks, sword swallowers and other such oddities. The show closed down in 1965; the top floor, which became a penny arcade, closed in 1975. It was only fitting that Peepland would open on this site. Peepland was a modern day freak show of its own with its endless rows of peep booths and an open window live peep in the basement. Every perverted sex act known – and unknown! – to man was played out in these loops: rape, bondage, scat, pissing, torture, bestiality, menstrual vampires, transsexuals, and more. Name a perversion, you’d find it at Peepland. With the advent of video, Peepland switched over to video peeps, which were just as bad as the loops they replaced. One reviewer branded Peepland’s vids as “soul corroding.”

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