42nd Street Pete's Night at the Venus (DVD)

42nd Street Pete's Night at the Venus (DVD)

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42nd Street Pete's Night at the Venus (DVD)

It was located on the corner of 8th avenue and 45th street, smack dab in the discordant heart of Times Square…

Known to its clientele of criminals, hookers and bums as “The Hobo Hilton”, The Venus played, as it laconically advertised, “3 continuous features” for a paltry $1.50 admission. As for what those features were, one could only find out by hiking up their collar, securing their wallet, and actually entering the dark seedy abode of intrigue known as The Venus.

What do you say? Let’s take a look inside…

FLESH OF THE LOTUS (1971) – As detective Johnny Wadd, John Holmes investigates the murder of an old flame; the victim of a vicious cartel hit man! Watch out malignant scum of society! Big John always gets his man… and his woman!

TEENAGE FANTASIES (1973) – Grindhouse star extraordinaire Rene Bond is your horny guide through a tour of the filthiest fantasies you’ve only dreamt about!

THE HORNY LANDLADY (1975) – Vanessa Del Rio (AKA “The Latin from Manhattan”) plays a repressed landlady, whose freewheeling tenant, Sharon Mitchell, teaches her the beauty of sexual release!

Notable Stars: John Holmes, Bob Chinn, Andrea Bellamy (FLESH OF THE LOTUS), Rene Bond, Suzanne Fields (TEENAGE FANTASIES), Vanessa Del Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Bobby Astyr (HORNY LANDLADY).