Alternative Cinema Magazine - Issue 4

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Alternative Cinema Magazine
Issue 4 – Winter 1995

The magazine by and for ultra low budget filmmakers!

Original, first printing on glorious BW newsprint paper with color glossy covers.

Issue Number 4 contents:

  • Hate Mail from Readers
  • Brady Bunch: Boob Tube to Big Screen
  • John Woo Legacy
  • Beyond Ed Wood
  • Eye on Independents: “Things”
  • Preview: “The Sandman”
  • Retrospective: Frank Henenlotter’s “Basket Case
  • Center Stage Review: Todd Sheets’ “Zombie Bloodbath II”
  • Low-Budget Production Hell: Brett Piper’s “They Bite”
  • “Sell Through” VHS Video
  • Taking Sides: The VHS Videocassette Good or Bad
  • Reviews and lots more