American Punks (DVD)

American Punks (DVD)

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Lives based on senseless violence, uncontrollable rage and bleak nihilism. 
Directed by Michele Pacitto / 1997 / color / 90 mins. / unrated

Bobby Tilton is a walking time-bomb, ready to blow at any moment- for any reason.  Full of the despair and hopelessness that plagues society on the threshold of the millennium, he is our worst nightmare come all too true. And when Bobby's best friend is iced, he and his drugged out pals vow to exact revenge on the Mercedes-driving yuppie whom they pin as the killer. But things are not what they seem, and Bobby becomes even more hateful and vicious and unstoppable, taking out his homicidal fury on anyone who gets in his way without a hint of remorse. Finally, with gun in hand and oblivion in sight, this stalker confronts his prey,  and he will demand his "eye for an eye"...or much, much worse.

AMERICAN PUNKS  is a shocking blend of Slacker and Drugstore Cowboy, telling the story of a group of twenty-somethings who plot revenge on the Mercedes-driving yuppie who killed their best friend, unleashing a violent rampage of street justice.

DVD includes:

  • AMERICAN PUNK feature
  • Commentary featuring director Michele Pacitto
  • Deleted scenes
  • Bloody Earth Films trailer vault
  • Camp Motion Pictures trailer vault