Attack of the Killer Refrigerator Blu-Ray (1990)

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Attack of the Killer Refrigerator (1990) Blu-Ray

After being defrosted and beaten with a hammer at a college party, a maniacal refrigerator takes revenge on an apartment full of unsuspecting students. One by one they are savagely murdered by this deadly home appliance. 

The campfire tale you heard as a kid comes to life in this late 1980’s B-horror movie. After escaping an institution, Mason Crane goes on a reign of terror that the small town of Woodland Heights will never forget.

One of the more sought-after VHS tapes through the years - Terror Vision is happy to bring Attack of the Killer Refrigerator and The Hook Of Woodland Heightsfor the first time on Blu-ray with a new transfer from the original VHS masters.

Days Before Christmas

After Mark Veau and Mike Savino made Refrigerator and Hook - they attempted another film called Days Before Christmas which hasn’t been released on any format since they premiered it at the Houston International Film Festival. Terror Vision is proud to present this oddity for home video for the very first time on home video! Shot originally on 16mm (that is now long gone), Terror Vision was able to get the original tapes and do a new transfer for this lost oddity.

Additional info:

- Attack of the Killer Refrigerator Commentary

- Attack of the Killer Refrigerator 2 Trailer

- The VERY FIRST Attack of the Killer Refrigerator

- The Hook of Woodland Heights Commentary

- The Hook of Woodland Heights Documentary

- The Hook of Woodland Heights: A Look Behind the Scenes

- Hooked On You Music Video (Featuring The Heartbeats)

- Bonus Feature: Days Before Christmas (with Optional Commentary)

- Bonus Feature: Media House Films: Defrosted

- Bonus Short: Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made by John Campopiano

directed by: Mike Savino and Mark Veau

** Yes we’re aware the cover and spine are misspelled. When they made this movie and put it on VHS, the original title card was misspelled. We thought it was a cute idea to keep that spelling as it was on their OG title card.