Butterflies Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD)

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Butterflies Grindhouse Edition (2-DVD)
Written and Directed by Joe Sarno

From Joseph W. Sarno, one of the most acclaimed and legendary directors of erotic cinema, comes this classic story of a country girl’s erotic awakening in the big city.

Beautiful, young and restless, Denise (Marie Forsa) can’t stand another day on her family’s farm and with her boring country boyfriend (Eric Edwards). She dreams of becoming a fashion model and life in the fast lane, so she packs her bags and sets out for the city determined to experience every one of her glamorous and erotic fantasies. Soon she meets up with Frank (Harry Reems), a successful, smooth-talking night club owner who takes her in and gives her a taste of the life she so desperately craves while fulfilling all of her deepest desires.

2-DISC DVD Contents:

  • Feature film: BUTTERFLIES (Director’s Cut)
  • Feature Film: BUTTERFLIES (Adult “Grind House” Cut)
  • Interview: JOE SARNO and CHRIS D. NEBE
  • Commentary by producer CHRIS D. NEBE
  • Trailers to upcoming JOE SARNO DVD RELEASES