Cannibal Campout (Blu-Ray)

  • $24.99

Cannibal Campout (1988) - Blu-Ray
Directed by Jon McBride

Terror Vision and Camp Motion Pictures are delighted to present Cannibal Campout in its worldwide Blu-ray debut. And what a meal it is, with a new transfer from original masters as well as new and archival extras. Let’s eat!

“The grossest scenes this side of H.G. Lewis…Will probably repulse even the staunchest vidiot.” – Fangoria Magazine

 Amy (Amy Chludzinski) and her friends break away from college for a weekend of camping in the peaceful New Jersey forest, but they are not alone. Holding true to a bizarre promise to their dear, departed mother, a group of madmen besiege the vacationing quartet, hellbent on torture and a feast of human flesh in Cannibal Campout.

The late 1980s were the golden age for video rental stores, as well as for homemade movies. Shot-on-video titles shared shelf space with Hollywood’s latest and greatest from coast to coast, and in the midst of it all came standout Cannibal Campout from directors Tom Fisher and Jon McBride, a film that pushed the boundaries of gritty realism and mind melting gore.


  • Commentary w/ Jon McBride
  • Commentary w/ Zack Carlson and Terror's Vision Brad Henderson
  • Shocktail Hour w/ horror host Aurora Gorealis Presents "Cannibal Campout"
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Friends - A Making Of Documentary
  • Baking w/ The Homicidal Homemaker - Cannibal Campout Edition
  • Photo Gallery
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Cannibal Campout Trailers
  • Raw Gore Footage
  • The Vladimirs "Cannibal Campout" Music Video
  • Jon McBride's Appearance on The Brice Kennedy Show