Cannibal Doctor / Dinner For Two (2-DVD)

Cannibal Doctor / Dinner For Two (2-DVD)

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Cannibal Doctor / Dinner For Two (2-DVD)
stars: Misty Mundae, Tina Krause
Directed by William Hellfire

Before Misty Mundae achieved her cult icon status, the teenage actress and girl-next-door beauty went biazrro with a quirky performance that must be seen to be believed!  This is the weirdest 2-DVD Mundae experience.  The restored (from original analog video tape) and newly edited feature films have been approved by director William Hellfire and are packed with extensive liner notes, interviews and never-before-seen photographs.

A doctor (William Hellfire) and his wife (Tina Krause) seek to use an ancient voodoo text in order to stay young forever. Enter Michelle (Misty Mundae), a naive young lovely who comes in to the doc’s office seeking a job and is persuaded into undergoing a “check-up” prior to being employed as a secretary. First, she is studied and prodded at length and after the protracted exam, the ritual begins.

In this sequel / remake, Misty Mundae  plays the sister of her character Michelle from "Cannibal Doctor", who is the main entrée as the voodoo rituals continue in what is perhaps the most bizarre entry in the Misty Mundae line of films. 

DISC 1           

  • CANNIBAL DOCTOR (1999) feature
  • Misty Mundae Trailers

DISC 2           

  • DINNER FOR TWO (2000) feature
  • Factory 2000 Trailer Vault

DVD also includes Full Color Deluxe Booklet featuring Photos, Liner Notes and Interviews with Misty Mundae and Tina Krause