Kinky Kong (DVD)

Kinky Kong (DVD)

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Kinky Kong (2006)

and introducing SABRINA FAIRE as "Fanny Sparrow"
directed by JOHN BACCHUS
Original DVD Release Date: September 6, 2006

Popular adult entertainment director Seymour Ass needs a stunning, fresh-faced young actress to star in his latest big budget film – a production steeped in secrecy.  When Seymour happens upon delectable, down-on-her-luck Fanny Sparrow (Sabrina Faire) on the streets of Manhattan, he knows he has discovered his sexy new starlet. With secret map in hand and a cast & crew of luscious females in tow, Seymour sets sail for mythical Bone Island.  Fanny quickly learns the ropes of the industry shooting and cavorting on board the yacht, but it could never prepare her for the huge obstacles she will soon face on the mysterious island…none more imposing than Kinky Kong! - a 60-foot-tall simian with a naughty penchant for peeping and a kinky attraction to beautiful young women of the homo sapien persuasion.  And when Kinky Kong falls in “lust” with Fanny, LOOK OUT! rampaging dinosaurs, speeding trains, Lady Liberty and the astonished citizens of New York City.  Nothing will come between an oversized, overstimulated ape in diapers and his main squeeze! 

DVD includes:
Behind-The-Scenes + Trailers