Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 3 (DVD)

Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 3 (DVD)

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There are some that won’t take “no” for an answer, and After Hours Cinema has had no choice but to bend to their sadistic will! The GRINDHOUSE HOSTAGE COLLECTION PART 3 is another round of vintage exploitation for those that just can’t get enough.

A TASTE OF BETTY (1978) – When the leader of a sadistic sex cult is killed, its members have to choose a new person to lead them. Directed by Shaun Costello. Starring Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, Marlene Willoughby and Leslie Lamour

ENSENADA HOLE (1971) – Women are kidnapped and sold into slavery on the coast of Mexico. Stars Gerard Broulard, Debra Christian

THE TENDER TRAP (1978) – When a trio of bumbling flatfoots try to pull the plug on San Francisco’s prostitution, the vice squad finally lives up to its name! Stars Juliet Andersen, Eileen Welles


  • After Hours Cinema “Grind It” Play Function that Allows Uninterrupted Grindhouse-style Viewing of Feature Films and Trailers!
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