Sexperts / Naughty Nudes '65 (2-DVD)

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Sexperts / Naughty Nudes '65 (2-DVD)
Original DVD Release Date: January 29, 2008

The Sexperts chronicles the sudden rise and sex-fueled fall of a young woman who travels to New York City hoping to find fame and fortune in the dog-eat-dog world of theatrical entertainment.  The Sexperts (1965) is J. Nehemiah’s follow-up hit to his breakthrough 42nd Street exploitation classics The Orgy at Lil’s Place and Satan in High Heels and features the luscious Rusty Allen (Girl Happy, Daughter of the Sun) and legendary Audrey “Madame Olga” Campbell.  Retro-Seduction Cinema proudly presents this long-lost, cult exploitation film to home video for the first time ever - newly re-mastered from original film elements.

Synopsis: Liz Adams (Lana Lynn) is willing to pay any price to make it on the Broadway stage.  Her first conquest is a young actor, then a theatrical director.  Liz’s roommate Connie, a lovely young model, is shocked to discover the lengths to which Liz will go to advance her career.  When Connie discovers her photographer boyfriend in the arms of another model, however, she agrees to accompany Liz to a day of sun and fun at the beach house of an important Broadway producer.  The group eventually makes its way to a Greenwich Village party, where the libertine atmosphere degenerates into an orgy of lust.  Repulsed by her indecent surroundings, Connie rushes back into the arms of her wrongfully accused beau.  Liz, however, gives herself over completely to debauchery, descending into a whirlpool of vice. 

Bonus Program: Naughty Nudes ‘65
Short nude films had been around since the dawn of cinema, but it was early in the 1960s that the “nudie loop” exploded across the flickering screens of 10 cent arcades and became a mainstay in Peep Shows establishments and Grindhouse Theaters throughout the U.S.  Retro-Seduction Cinema now has gathered together many of the rarest loops featuring the most voluptuous women of the day – naughty, girl-next-door exhibitionists! – and packaged them in as a special bonus DVD.


DVD Contents (2 DVDs)

  • THE SEXPERTS Feature Film
  • THE SEXPERTS Bonus Color Scenes
  • Rare TV SPOTS featuring Audrey Campbell
  • Bonus Program: NAUGHTY NUDES ‘65
  • Retro Seduction Cinema TRAILERS

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