How To Make A Sex Movie Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

How To Make A Sex Movie Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

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How To Make A  Sex Movie Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)
Original DVD Release Date: November 29, 2011


Get ready for lights, camera, and hard action with After Hours Cinema’s HOW TO MAKE A SEX MOVIE GRINDHOUSE TRIPLE FEATURE! From couch-test casting to blocking a bj, its everything you’ll ever need to know about the adult film business – and so much more! 

HOW TO MAKE A SEX MOVIE – (1971) Ray Dennis Steckler belongs to a small pantheon of filmmakers who have been elevated in the past 25 years to Top Tier status by new generations of film buffs, replacing the mainstream greats for a video-obsessed generation. This obscure title from Ray's first wave of smut, after having made cult indie movies defines the elusive borderline between fiction films and so-called documentaries. Stars Nora Weidernik, Patty Snyder. Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler

HARD LUCK PAL (1970) – Whether you’re top-dog or the little guy, it’s never fun dealing with distributors. Will filmmaker Don Hard ever be able to sell his latest adult feature to triple-X movie mogul Ruff Deal?

MY FIRST X RATED MOVIE (1970) – Watch as an actual casting session takes place for an adult movie and then, without delay, immediately rolls right into production...and reproduction!


- After Hours Cinema “Grind It” Play Function that Allows Uninterrupted Grindhouse-style Viewing of Feature Films and Trailers!

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