Diary of a Nymph Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Diary of a Nymph Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)


DIARY OF A NYMPH (1971) - Susan Westcott, a beautiful blonde gets perhaps her greatest showcase in this movie. She plays the nymphomaniac Tracy, confessing tearfully to her hubby in the final reel that she's cheated on him, but she can't help it and is seeing a shrink regularly for her problem.

DIARY OF A SCHIZO (1972) - I think it's safe to say that the show Desperate Housewives has nothing on Rene Bond. In the film she plays Sarah, a timid housewife who is constantly neglected by her husband. Poor Sarah soon starts to have terrible headaches, which causes her to blackout. At first she just dreams of wild sex but soon after wards she begins hitting the streets looking for any man or woman.  Stars Rene Bond, Nina Fause and Ric Lutz

DIARY OF A BED (1972) - a bed telling its history as a structure for sex vignettes, identical to the later German film THE SINFUL BED. Gimmick here is that a female mattress delivered to the bed's room listens to his tales, and treats him to one of her own. First sex vignette is a romantic period piece from the Civil War in which a buxom blonde is serviced by a Johnny Reb, as harpsichord music plays. Notable here is her sexy (and anachronistic) lingerie, and the soldier's amazing money shot in a Peter North mode. Next bed tale is set in NYC during Prohibition with newlyweds having sex. Finale is related by the mattress, noting that while still at the warehouse a couple made love atop her. They're played by Nina Fause and Paul Scharf, who also co-star in DIARY OF A SCHIZO.

DVD also includes After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault. You must be 18 years or older to order.