Dirty Movie Theater of the 1970s Collection (2-DVD)

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A raunchy 1970s DVD Marathon featuring four sleazy gems from the grindhouse era!

Involuntary Bird (1971) – Corrupt cops, drug dealers and prostitutes pool their resources in this rare sleazy grindhouse gem.

She'll Do Alright (1981) – When an attractive foreign woman takes a job in the US as a live-in maid, she learns more than English in this wacky plot starring John Leslie, Sue Nero and Herschel Savage. 

First Time (1978) – Sleazy deadbeat Jan refuses to get a job, so he forces his naïve and innocent girlfriend Sue Morris to work as a porn actress in order to make the money necessary to pay the bills. Directed by Anthony Spinelli. Stars Mimi Morgan, Joey Silvera, Suzannah French.

Adultery For Fun and Profit (1971) – Richard an attractive, virile young man living in a lush apartment, has a rendezvous with Janet. Janet is in the midst of a divorce proceeding involving a large settlement. At a climatic moment on Richard's bed, a photographer steps out of the closest and snaps a picture. It seems that Richard is a super stud for hire in divorce suits, he earns 10% of whatever money he saves the husband by enabling him to prove that his wife is committing adultery. Stars Susan Westcott, Lynn Holmes.

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