Dry Bones (DVD)

Dry Bones (DVD)

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Co-Directed by Gregory Lamberson

From the director of cult classics Slime City and Slime City Massacre comes a spine-tingling, gut-wrenching new tale of terror that aintitcool.com calls "Ingeniously constructed ... clever and original ... a lot of fun" – Dry Bones.

As a boy, Drew was terrorized by a monster under his bed.  Decades later, psychiatrists have convinced Drew that his childhood trauma was a figment of his imagination – until he returns home to confront his darkest fears.  As the people in his life begin to disappear, Drew suspects the creature is hell-bent on his destruction.

Debbie Rochon (The Theatre Bizarre) and Michael O’Hear (Snow Shark) star in this gruesome, goofy, and highly entertaining nod to classic ‘80s horror.