Early Films of John Holmes Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Early Films of John Holmes Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Early Films of John Holmes Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

John Holmes is not just the reigning size-king of Seventies adult cinema, he’s probably its first legitimate star. Back before anyone had even heard of Linda Lovelace or Marilyn Chambers, Holmes a.k.a. “Johnny Wadd” meant box office gold from LA to NYC. Certainly Holmes’s magnificent member - reportedly 13” long - was a viable element in his gargantuan appeal.

Features in this collection:

S.M.A.S.H or How to Get Hung (1971) is probably the most peculiar and distinctive of the three films presented in this program. Essentially a medical spoof, the first part of the title references Robert Altman’s 1970 blockbuster M. A. S. H. -  the second half – somewhat more obscure – seems to refer to a rather under-developed plot element involving an effort to transplant a penis onto a woman’s body. Co-Stars Judy Angel

Benny’s Bungles (1971) - Freddy and Katie show up at Benny’s place to join several other couples for a modest little bash. One of the couples – a “model” and a photographer – immediately become horny and sneak off to make it. Meanwhile, Benny entertains his other guests with a display of devices he’s collected from various prison death chambers. Benny’s live-in girlfriend, Sandra, doesn’t find the sadistic junk half as interesting as she finds Benny’s friend Tony, however, who has obviously grown disenchanted with his own date, a brunette named Jane. Co-Stars Ruth Ann Lott

New Girl in Town (1972) is a nice little flick featuring another classic “method” performance by John Holmes. In this case, Holmes plays an afroed hippy stoner. Co-stars Judy Angel (Mona the Virgin Nymph) and Gerard Broulard.

Disc 1 Contents:

  • S.M.A.S.H. Feature Film
  • BENNY’S BUNGLES Feature Film

Disc 2 Contents:

  • NEW GIRL IN TOWN Feature Film