Filth On 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Filth On 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Filth On 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature features three storefront feature films /  2-DVD set.

A storefront feature was simply a no-budget 16mm adult film that played in a ground level commercial space that had been cheaply converted into a cinema by throwing up a screen, a makeshift projection booth, and a bunch of folding chairs.

The Deviates (2008) begins with anonymous shots of New York City, leading to the common establishing shot of the exterior of an apartment building, zooming in suggestively on one window. We soon find out there is a host for this impending naughty adventure. Elliot Forbes (Adam Trash), “researcher in the field of medical science,” is every bit the bespectacled, constrained commentator you have seen before. Elliot introduces the first segment of this hour-long opus, which consists of three “vignettes” starring Biafra Bayne, Penny Nichols and Tracie (Tracy) Hayes.

The Apartment (1971) presents a young, chain-smoking couple posing as brother and sister. The “sister” sports a seriously supreme muff while her “brother” boasts a fine pair of muttonchops. Be warned that they add up to some seriously hirsute adventures. The Apartment also has another little extra – a guitar-strumming, folk-singing lesbian who has a bona fide explosion at the hands of her butch lover and a black vibrator.

In The Girl Next Door (1971) a traveling vibrator salesman has to make do with demonstrating the product on an eighteen-year-old girl instead of her absentee mother. He progresses to demonstrating his own rigid product.

2-DVD Edition includes full color booklet with liner notes!
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