Georgina Spelvin Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

Georgina Spelvin Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

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Georgina Spelvin Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)
Directed By: Shaun Costello, John Christopher
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Darby Lloyd Rains, Marc Stevens, Valerie Marron, Jeffrey Hurst, Shaun Costello
Release Date: January 28, 2014

Epitomizing the era of porn chic, Georgina Spelvin became one of the best-known figures in hardcore pornography for her starring role in The Devil in Miss Jones in 1973. Spelvin went on to appear in over 70 adult films before retiring from them in 1979.

Inside Georgina Spelvin (1973) This sizzler is about a trio of roommates who have fallen desperately behind on their rent so they decide to make a porn movie to raise a little fast cash. They enlist the aid of porno legend Georgina Spelvin to get their project off the ground, and the action just picks up from there. Throw in a subplot about the lusty landlord who`s started demanding sex from his tenants as payment, and you`ve got the makings of a real classic of early hardcore cinema.  Also known as Burning Desires and Flip Chicks.

Guess Who’s Coming? (1973) A man and his wife invite a Royal couple over for dinner in the hopes of advancing the husband’s career…going as far as having their friends Tom and Bonnie pose as butler and maid!  Ms. Spelvin pulls off a hilarious British accent and gets everyone off.

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