Grindhouse Honeymoon Triple Feature (2-DVD)

Grindhouse Honeymoon Triple Feature (2-DVD)

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Grindhouse Honeymoon Triple Feature (2-DVD)


Horny honeymooners and knob-nibbling newlyweds fill out the bill for this latest installment of the After Hours Collector’s Storefront Feature Series.  The wedding bed has never looked so scratched, faded, and poorly framed as it does in these one-day cheapies from the golden age of small-gauge sleaze.  So hang that “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and get ready to pop your cherry on a triple feature of naughty nuptial delights.  

BURN RUBBER (1971) - Follow the sexcapades of Jim “Burn” Rubber, a hardtop heartthrob, the king of the open-wheel racing set.  He and his rival, Bob Demon, argue over who has the hottest pistons on the raceway and decide to settle their score in the upcoming “big race.” 

HILLBILLY HONEYMOON a.k.a. Bride’s Delight (1971) -  Ralph and Nellie Granger are a couple of good-natured yokels who apparently win a free trip to Hollywood for their honeymoon.  Even better, upon their arrival they are approached by a mysterious ad executive who tells them they have been invited to tour a Hollywood movie studio.

 Stars Sue Peters, Kathy Hilton

DIRTY DOCTOR DEVIATE (1970) - A young woman consults a middle-aged marriage counselor in his office.  We learn in voice-over that the man is, in reality, a predatory hack out to make a quick buck and seduce the countless vulnerable women who wander into his lair. Stars Sandy Dempsey, Donna Young

Plus After Hours Retro TRAILER VAULT

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