Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 1 (2-DVD)

Grindhouse Hostage Triple Feature Vol. 1 (2-DVD)

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After Hours Cinema is going to give you the “Grindhouse” storefront theater viewing experience in the GRINDHOUSE HOSTAGE COLLECTION Volume I:

The Blue Balloon (1973) A bleak tale of a girl’s nightmarish decent into a life of degradation and prostitution. A Danish production of the early 1970s. While European soft-core has a reputation for high-gloss and soft-focus, The Blue Balloon proves that Euro-Trash can be as grimy and hard-hitting as our own backstreet variety. Stars Lisbeth Olsen

Play Only with Me (1976) In Play Only with Me, we revisit the tried and true theme of the psycho bitch who attempts to ruin a guy’s life after a casual one-night stand. Most of you newbies know this gimmick from the yuppie angst classic Fatal Attraction, but the present flick is a hardcore homage to the 1971 shocker Play Misty for Me. Stars Joey Silvera, Desiree West

Virgin Hostage (1972) Toting a couple of guns and a paper sack full of money, three bank robbers search for a hideout. Cut to the interior of the girl’s apartment: the gangsters rush in brandishing their rods. Stars Suzanne Fields

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