Virgin Nymph Triple Feature (DVD)

Virgin Nymph Triple Feature (DVD)

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After Hours Cinema is proud to present three rare Grind-house flicks.

The words “virgin” and “nymph” could be seen many times plastered upon the marquee of innumerable 42nd Street Grindhouses and storefront theaters. Promising illicit thrills of charged cinematic transgression, the audience of these sinful celluloid oddities often left unsatisfied. After Hours Cinema is proud to present 3 “sleaze grinder” classics!

THE YOUNG NYMPHS (1973) – Kim Pope (The Collegiates) and Cindy West stars in this “white-coater” about what happens when a life of repression finally erupts into sordid fantasies of the flesh! Directed by New York's favorite Director of Photography, Charles Lamont (In Flight Service).

INNOCENT GIRL (1975) – See what happens when an innocent chick from Kansas gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard drugs on the sleazy streets of New York in the early 70s! She’s no Dorothy, and the city is no Oz!

THE CANDY STORE (1972) – Big boob beauty Candy Samples is the madam of a whorehouse, who teaches her girls the proper way to service their clients! Also stars Nancy Martin.

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