Grindhouse Occult Double Feature (DVD)

Grindhouse Occult Double Feature (DVD)

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Grindhouse Occult Double Feature (DVD)
stars Annie Sprinkle, Vanessa Del Rio, Carter Stevens

This double-barreled dose of DVD decadence – plucked from the depths of the After Hours Collector’s secret chamber – contains two of the world’s more entertaining “cult classics,” chock-a-block full of strange rituals and brainwashed babes..  Not recommended for the highly suggestible (or for the faint of heart), get ready to relinquish your soul to the forces of occult sexual madness! 

Employing a strange, hypnotic amulet, male members of Reverend Starr’s cabal lure women into erotic encounters, sometimes staged in elaborate ceremonies inside the organization’s lair.  In the hopes of discovering the source of Starr’s mysterious power, a police detective and his female sidekick attempt to infiltrate the group’s inner circle.  Naturally, his sexy sidekick winds up ensnared in the cult’s clutches, but the cop manages to expose the Reverend for the charlatan he really is. 

A reporter (Carter Stevens) is writing an expose on a voodoo cult he has just discovered operating out of a New York bar.  Inside the cult’s lair, ritual whippings are elaborately staged in candlelight, followed by nightlong orgies.  Going undercover, the reporter begins to participate in these insidious rituals.  After an evening of sadomasochistic debaucheries, however, he discovers that the powers of voodoo have a way of keeping the uninitiated from exposing its decadent secrets. Features New York heavyweight Vanessa Del Rio, Crystal Sync, Heather Madigan and Annie Sprinkle. 

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