Grindhouse Sexorcism Collection (2-DVD)

Grindhouse Sexorcism Collection (2-DVD)

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At risk of being damned to hell by Satan himself, the After Hours Cinema Grindhouse Series has once again decided to explore the dark world of occult science. 

The Devil Inside Her (1977) - Set in England in 1826, Faith loves the gardener Joseph but her father forbids it. Faith's sister Hope also lusts after Joseph and sells her souls to the Devil to get him with dire consequences. Zebedy Colt was the director of this film and several truly depraved roughies including "Sex Wish" and "Unwilling Lovers".

Sacrilege (1971) - A witch uses her powers to seduce a handsome young man. Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler

Also includes:

  • The Lost Loop Collection featuring rare and obscure 16mm “loops”
  • BOOKLET featuring photos and historical liner notes

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