Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 1 (2-DVD)

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After Hours Cinema and Secret Key Motion Picture are going to give you the “Grindhouse” storefront theater viewing experience in the GRINDHOUSE TRASH COLLECTION:

Three grimy softcore gems from the late 1960s, UTA, LUSTFUL NEIGHBORS and THE PIMP PRIMER. Look for adult screen icons John Holmes and Uschi Digard in early screen roles!  

UTA - B&W (1968) Directed by Nick Philips
Uta is 20 years old, and really isn’t ashamed to admit that her body is beautiful.  So beautiful that she likes to share it with others – men and women.  An early, rare film by San Francisco Grindhouse filmmaker Nick Philips (Pleasures of a Woman, Roxanna)  

THE PIMP PRIMER - Color (1969)
Carl, a low-end hustler and pimp, uses his girlfriend Gerrie to start his own prostitution ring. Trouble begins when Car l recruits Sherrie, a local waitress who likes sex. A cheesy narrator narrates this morality tale. Features early cameos by adult super-stars John Holmes and Uschi Digard!

LUSTY NEIGHBORS  - Color (1969)
A twenty-something brunette confesses her marital problems to her sexy blonde neighbor. The blonde suggests that the mousy, shy brunette attend her weekend “swinging”parties. Five sex parties later leads to a mental break-down and a visit from the local police!    

DVD Contents (2 DVDs)

  • Nick Philips’ UTA feature
  • LUSTY NEIGHBOR feature
  • THE PIMP PRIMER feature
  • OVERVIEW with  42nd Street Pete
  • FULL COLOR BOOKLET with Liner Notes
  • TRAILER VAULT to other Retro Releases

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