Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 3 (2-DVD)

Grindhouse Trash Triple Feature Vol. 3 (2-DVD)

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After Hours Cinema and Secret Key Motion Picture are going to give you the “Grindhouse” storefront theater viewing experience in the GRINDHOUSE TRASH COLLECTION Volume III. Contains a total of 4 films on 2 dvds!

HOW TO MAKE A DIRTY MOVIE (1968) - A self-styled comedy of errors , Dirty Movie begins when Brad Murphy - an aging, chisel-jawed surfer type - drops by his neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. Little does he know that a dirty movie is being shot there and Brad quickly find himself impressed into service by Marlene, a straight-haired Seventies prom queen who gently instructs her new-found friend in the art of acting in a sleaze film.

THE ALLEYCAT (1970) (not the Radley Metzger film with a similar title) is a well-meaning bit of grindhouse program fodder directed by the mysterious “Otto von Lickit”. We are introduced to Book and Chessie. Book is a struggling screenwriter and Chessie, apparently, a sometimes streetwalker/sometimes girlfriend. Desperate for cash to pay the rent, Book hooks up Chessie with a job on a dirty movie.

STAR (1970) - The film concerns a day in the life of fading screen icon Gaye Ramon, once “the finest in Hollywood,” but now reduced to soliciting male studs to take courses at her home “drama school.” Gaye lounges about in bed pleasuring herself while her former Svengali – the great director Rodney LaCoque (played by the great Los Angles adult film-clown Keith Erickson) – works as her gardener.

Bonus! Lost John Holmes Swinger Classic!
GO DOWN FOR DOUBLE - (1970) is premised on the “swinging” or “wife swapping” phenomenon that reached its zenith in the U. S. in the early 1970s. After a “redeeming” voice-over narration introducing the viewer to this delicate but socially significant topic, we are introduced to a young couple, Byron and Paula. Byron is apparently curious about the pleasures and benefits of an “open marriage” and Paula, although obviously hesitant, agrees to go along with Byron’s extramarital wanderlust. Features Judy Angel and John Holmes in one of his earliest feature roles.

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